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Indonesia is one of the biggest countries in East Asia with a population of around 240 million, the fourth most populous country in the world and is predominantly Muslim.No wonder gambling activities there are prohibited or illegal which iswhy the gambling industry there has not flourished.Also, its government imposes a strict regime due to its strong devotion to its religion which is Islam, that teaches its worshippers to prohibit gambling and drinking alcohol.

While almost the entire Asian continent had an increase of growth in terms of gambling entertainment, Indonesia is completely going the opposite direction intentionally.Some reports from gambling experts say the gambling industry in the Asian continent is now worth more than $80-billion dollars and could rise even higher in the coming years.But the cultural and religious point of view in Indonesia determines the strict policy in this kind of industry.
Nowadays, casinos and other forms of gambling in Indonesia are entirely illegal, this means that there are no casinos operating there, no betting centers and no bingo halls that exist in any corner of the country. However, there is a small-time state-run lottery but it’s a thing in the past now as majority of its population protests against it.

Remarkably, despite the nationwide ban on gambling activities, Indonesians who love the excitement of gambling still find a way to continue their favorite recreation via the internet which the government has no total control of it despite any strict measures it imposes.

Under the radar, Indonesians are able to put up online casino sites that specializes on developing software specifically designed for simple casino games like online slot machines which is less complicated and technical compared to other online casino games.

If you Google it, you can find various sites that are in Indonesian language or Bahasa which have a lot of similarities as what we see in mainstream online casino sites, and what makes it more amazing is that many Indonesians patronize its games, particularly the online slot machines games.

There, you can find different online slot machine games that have different exciting and entertaining themes and features that they cannot play in their country. For many Indonesians who love to gamble, online casinos are their refuge to indulge themselves in their gambling habits.

Online slot machine games in Indonesia are very popular but still operating under the radar to hide from the government and avoid any apprehension. In terms of the number of gamers enjoying this game, according to gambling experts, their count reaches a million and this could increase as our technology continues to advance where the internet can easily be accessed with ease where Indonesians can freely find their favorite online casino games.

In fact, in a research conducted back in 2009, gambling experts said that Indonesians spent more than $300 million in online casino betting and a huge percentage of it were played in online slot machine games. Some Indonesians travel to Singapore where gambling is legal just to indulge themselves in gambling. If you’re interested in an Indonesian online casino slot machine game, click on this link alternatif joker123.